We wish you the finest holidays full of love.

Our goal is to create real medicine.

We are scientists, holistic therapists, gurus and business people coming together, our work is well known in Los Angeles, CA area.

All our formulas are natural and most of them edible, we respect the principle of “if you would NOT put it in your mouth, then why put it in your body?”

Most of our formulas are elaborated following alchemical processes used for thousands of years, altogether with the herbs and aroma-therapeutic principles, the result: The benefits in the long term are perceived beyond the physical body.

All of our craftsmanship is always verified and backed up by huge scientific principles, that we handle in a discretionary manner to protect the mystical core behind our technology.

Picture something like this:

Organic cannabis, irrigated by a natural source of alkaline water in beautiful northern California, our plants are sacred, we pray with them everyday, a clean space with natural non toxic utensils, the purity that your body demands.

Cannaveda unfortunately is NOT for everyone.

Our REAL ingredients are top quality with NO sources of pollution beginning with the manufacturing processes and finishing with a positive attitude by those who dedicate their hands to the manufacture of this noble technology, NOT even a small source of low energy/vibration surrounds our production, it is always crafted with love and respect.

Thank you, to all those that have taken the adventure of following us in our quest.


Cannabis and Ayurveda Apothecary


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


Cannaveda   +1.408.929.3331   po box 17 1415   San Jose, CA 95173   meryleholmes@gmail.com

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